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LUIGI SOCIETY; The Promoter, Producer

Romaine “Luigi Society” Brown (born May 1st, 1984) has established himself in Jamaica as an elite event promoter for events such as Daybreak (both locally & internationally), Allure, Cross Di Wataz, Image, Hennessy V; has now channeled that success into music production.

His education started out at Wolmers Preparatory School (1988-1995), and graduated to Wolmers Boys High School (1995-2002). He went on to complete an Information Technology degree at Infoserv Institute of Technology (2002) and completed his degree in Production Operations Management at the University of Technology (2003-2007).

Since 2011, “Luigi Society” has been doing work with Munga Honorable and Benzly Hype, both of which have played integral roles in the start of his career. He went on to produce joint ventures with both artists, Including songs co produced with Benzy Hyyype such as Benzly's own song Quivering and Munga's song "Mr Flip Rhymes. He also co-produced songs for and with Munga Honorable.

On August 31, he released the Morning Bliss Riddim co-produced with Jr Bloodline. It features a prominent artist lineup with the songs including; Morning Bliss (Munga Honorable), Gyal Teggareg (Versatile aka Versi), Chaarger (Jah Vinci), House Deportee (Noah Powa featuring Cutty from Coppershot sound system), Grow Like This (Demarco), Day One Link (Chino McGregor) and Money Phone (ZJ Liquid).

His production team includes Gran One Muzik and Vision House Entertainment, of which collaborated in composition, mixing and mastering of his recent projects. He has worked with Gran One Muzik on “Colors”, “Fabiloso” & “Flowww” all by Munga Honorable and worked with Vision House Entertainment on the hit single “Ray Gad” by Dane Ray, “Nuh Round Ya” by Natural Flamez, “Entangled” by Yello Hype & Thea, “Another Round” by Press Kay and “Expensive” by Zj Liquid & Dane Ray.

He has a new collaborative project with Gran One Muzik slated to be released late November 2020 called the Sikario Riddim featuring the likes of Popcaan, Munga Honorable, Teejay, Wasp, Dane Ray, Ratigan, Kyodi, Deyes, Natural Flamez, Frahcess One and Thesarus.


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